Words of Encouragement

Are you excited to #BringBacktheMullet? Trust us, you aren't alone! Here are some kind words of support from the former Chair of the King County Democrats:

"I support Senator Mark Mullet because he uses his business and finance experience to champion economic fairness and support working families.

When the predatory lending industry (cash advance stores) proposed new legislation under the appearance of helping low-income families, Mark used his finance expertise to show that the bill would have meant that six months after taking out a $700 loan you would owe back $1,195, an increase of more than five times the current State allowable rate and fees. He stopped that bill that actually increased fees on struggling families and would have undermined our nationally recognized reforms on the predatory lending industry.

As the owner of a pizza restaurant and ice cream shop, Mark understands how hard it is for small businesses to provide retirement benefits for their employees. That’s why he passed a law to create the Small Business Retirement Marketplace. The Small Business Retirement Marketplace allows employees of small businesses to automatically save a portion of their paycheck in a managed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or other savings plans that move with the worker to their next job.

I am also proud of Mark’s work on affordable housing. This year, Mark received awards from the Housing Alliance and the Alliance of Eastside Agencies in recognition of his commitment to eliminate barriers to housing and to simplify the rental application process. 

We need to return Mark Mullet to the Washington State Senate, because Mark’s small business smarts and attention to the bottom line delivers results for working families."

- Karl de Jong, Past Chair of the King County Democrats

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