Words of Encouragement

Are you excited to #BringBacktheMullet? Trust us, you aren't alone! Here are some kind words of support from the former Chair of the King County Democrats:

"I support Senator Mark Mullet because he uses his business and finance experience to champion economic fairness and support working families.

When the predatory lending industry (cash advance stores) proposed new legislation under the appearance of helping low-income families, Mark used his finance expertise to show that the bill would have meant that six months after taking out a $700 loan you would owe back $1,195, an increase of more than five times the current State allowable rate and fees. He stopped that bill that actually increased fees on struggling families and would have undermined our nationally recognized reforms on the predatory lending industry.

As the owner of a pizza restaurant and ice cream shop, Mark understands how hard it is for small businesses to provide retirement benefits for their employees. That’s why he passed a law to create the Small Business Retirement Marketplace. The Small Business Retirement Marketplace allows employees of small businesses to automatically save a portion of their paycheck in a managed Individual Retirement Account (IRA) or other savings plans that move with the worker to their next job.

I am also proud of Mark’s work on affordable housing. This year, Mark received awards from the Housing Alliance and the Alliance of Eastside Agencies in recognition of his commitment to eliminate barriers to housing and to simplify the rental application process. 

We need to return Mark Mullet to the Washington State Senate, because Mark’s small business smarts and attention to the bottom line delivers results for working families."

- Karl de Jong, Past Chair of the King County Democrats

The Times Recommends: Mark Mullet for State Senate 5th District

With 46 days left until the general election, Mark and the campaign staff are continuing to connect with voters about Mark’s accomplishments over the last four years, and for his goals for next term in the State Senate. It can be difficult to keep up the enthusiasm during the long campaign months, but nothing helps to renew Team Mullet’s energy like a reminder that we’re on the right track. Winning the primary was one such reminder and we received another this past month, when Mark was honored to earn his second straight endorsement by The Seattle Times in his race to remain the State Senator of the 5th LD. The full text of the endorsement can be found here.

The Times said it best when they described Mark as, “An independent thinker” who can “…work across the aisle to find solutions to complicated problems.” Mark’s continued commitment to the 5th LD has led him to have the most independent voting record in the State Senate. That independence has earned him respect from both sides of the aisle and made him a pragmatic leader in the Senate, particularly towards fully funding our public schools.

Mark and the Team are extremely grateful of the broad and continued support the campaign has received from our volunteers, community members and organizations like The Seattle Times. It’s people like you and organizations such as these that keep this campaign strong. When ballots drop in October, remember to #BringBacktheMullet, and Re-elect Mark Mullet for State Senate.

Broad Community Support for Mark

With the primary election on August second just two weeks away, and it is no surprise that broad community support for Mark continues to grow. As our moderate State Senator, Mark has spent his time in the Senate putting the issues of the people of the 5th District above partisan politics. His ever-lengthening list of endorsements reflects his community-first mentality, and is filled with bipartisan support from Fire and Police organizations, Education groups, the backing of both Labor and Business communities, Environmental Conservation groups and Community Organizations across the Eastside.  Below is a more specific list:

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Mark Mullet Announces Re-Election Campaign

Mark Mullet 425-681-7785 Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

Mullet Starts Campaign With Mayor Endorsements from across the district

Issaquah - Small businessman and State Senator Mark Mullet announced today he will seek re-election to the Washington State Senate from the 5th Legislative District.

I am so excited to get the broad support from our communities leaders for my re-election. I’m proud of the results my office has brought to this community and I’m excited to keep this work going,” said Mark Mullet.

State Senator Mark Mullet has been endorsed for his 2016 campaign by Issaquah Mayor Fred Butler, Snoqualmie Mayor Matt Larson, Maple Valley Mayor Bill Allison, and Carnation Mayor Jim Berger.


Mark’s key accomplishment as a Senator are:

1) Healthcare Transparency. Passed a bill to require all insurance companies to build tools that will go on their websites so people can look up how much a procedure will cost before the procedure occurs.

2) Retirement Bill. Created the Washington Small Business Retirement Marketplace so small business owners (100 or fewer employees) can set up simple payroll deduction IRA plans for their employees without paying an annual administration fee, saving small business owners and consumers thousands of dollars.

3) Financial literacy bill. Ensured all graduates of Washington State high schools will be offered financial literacy courses so they better understand personal finances before they graduate.

4) EPI Pen Bill. Passed a law so doctors can prescribe an EPI pen directly to a school so the office or nurse would have an EpI Pen on hand in case a student without a pre-diagnosed allergy ends up suffering from an allergic reaction at school.

5) Donut Hole Bill. Passed a bill to remove zoning control of the donut hole from King County and return zoning control to the City of Maple Valley. This removed the possibility of the land being sold to a developer for 1,600 high density homes, and instead created an opportunity to partner with the Tahoma School District to build a new high school, which will open in 2017.

6) Passed interchange improvements at the intersection of Highway 18 and I-90. This new flyover will make the commute to Bellevue and Seattle more manageable for Maple Valley residents.

7) Provided an extra lane on I-90 between Issaquah and Bellevue that can be used during rush hour to ease congestion. These extra lanes will start construction in 2017.

8) Provided new investments at Lake Sammamish State Park including a new building on the beach with better facilities, new sand on the beach through a full blown beach restoration, the installation of docks so boaters can access the park, and a giant new kids playground with splash pad equipment and a zipline.

9) Provided funding to upgrade the Pickering Place retail center road network to help keep Issaquah as Costco's global headquarters.

10) Ensured new investments in Historic Snoqualmie, which will help create an easy trail connection from historic downtown to Snoqualmie Falls.

Mark Mullet is the owner of the Zeeks Pizza Issaquah and Ben and Jerry’s Issaquah. Zeeks employs roughly 45 people, with all full-time staff members receiving medical, dental, and vision benefits. Ben and Jerry’s employs 12 people, with full time staff also receiving benefits. Mark also provides paid time off for his employees.

Mark earned the Association of Washington Cities Municipal Champion award for 2014 and 2015. Mark has the most independent voting record of any member of the Senate for the past three years, always voting for what is best for the 5th District, as opposed to what is best for one political party or one special interest group.

Mark has four daughters attending Issaquah public schools. They are in 7th grade, 5th grade, 1st grade, and kindergarten. At some point Mark needs to pass a bill to make it easier for fathers to save up for weddings.




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